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About Us

We started Cloud Accountant when we realized that cost is an issue for large and small organizations; this leads organizations to make sacrifices to continue using this incredible technology. Organizations often view Cloud as a cost-center instead of a force-multiplier, and this can prevent real innovation.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. The Cloud is dynamic, evolving, and revolutionary - it allows you to do amazing things that would have never been possible. On the other hand, Cloud pricing isn’t clean; it’s challenging to understand and even more challenging to lower your costs. Your team needs someone on their side that truly understands how Cloud pricing works; Cloud Accountant is that team.

Our mission is to help your organization own the power of the Cloud and to lower your bill.

What would just a 20% savings mean for most organizations?

  • More Innovation

  • More Engineers

  • More Runway

Now what 72.3862% mean for yours?

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Alex Cornford

New York, New York

Alex has always had a passion for the marriage of people process and technology. He started his career as a DevOps engineer in the Boston Start-Up scene, and soon found himself in large Enterprises, helping mentor engineering leadership in best practices. It was here where Alex was caught off guard by how much people were willing to overspend and underdevliver on AWS at the cost of their organization’s wellbeing.


Rob Greisemer

Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

Rob began his career in tech over a decade ago in telecommunications and moved on to the Cloud Computing space where he played a pivotal role in an AWS MSP. By 2015 he was one of the first 100 in the world with all available AWS Certifications. He has lived around the world, teaching whole teams of engineers what he knows about AWS. He has helped over 500 organizations ranging from small to global, and in so doing he noticed that AWS Cost Optimization was one of the last things on everyone's mind.

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