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Helping you navigate your AWS journey

From Planning to Maintaining

We help you get the most bang for your buck


Average cost savings for all of our customers

At Cloud Accountant, we dive deep to save you every penny with our CARE program. Risk-Free, always


with you on your journey

We are your cloud experts, here to guide you every step of the way

Save your AWS cloud bill

7 / 10 companies are not saving

properly due to poor infrastructure guidance

As explained by Gartner, companies scale without properly optimizing on the cloud.
We start the snowball effect of transformation by saving you money first, then using that momentum to drive growth in your business.

Let us make it simple

Cloud Is Hard

We have helped companies of every size craft the right solution for their needs

No matter what size your organization is, we'll be able to jump in, and make an immediate impact on your bottom line. 

Is your expertise

Our expertise

Our team deeply understands AWS and DevOps from working with some of the largest companies around the world.
We understand problems that organizations just like yours are facing, we've solved these same problems at some of the world's largest companies.
Let's get started solutioning today.

Got something specific in mind? You're covered.

Cloud Accountant Expertise Certificates

Nothing to lose, everything to gain

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