Today we are excited to announce the launch of CloudAccountant and our CloudAccountant Rapid Evaluation program for AWS.

Our goal is to help companies curb overspend on cloud platforms, so they can spend this money in more interesting ways. Be it in innovation or up-skilling, we here at CloudAccountant understand the value of making room in a budget without having to sacrifice.

In order to do this, we start by evaluating your accounts, determining areas of improvement, utilizing decades worth of AWS experience and lessons to figure out just how much we can save from your monthly bill. For free.

Why free? If we can’t save you money, we won’t charge you money.

If you like what you see, we will get to work saving your company money. All for the price of 3 times what we saved you. This means you’ll have a return on investment in just 3 months.

At CloudAccountant, we bring with us experiences that have revolutionized companies varying from enterprises to startups in their DevOps and Cloud Journeys. We believe that by starting the ball rolling by first saving you money, we can keep it rolling into even bigger and better things to come.